Life Song Vacation…

There’s a solemn peace that surrounds our life during any outdoor adventure we take on whether we walk, run, bike, or simply drive to our final destination. Sometimes listening to our favorite song or just the sound of the birds whistling can give us a life song moment that we will never forget. We also must understand that getting away can sometimes be impossible. A simple life plan can be deterred by many distractions, and that is why making a point daily to find our happy place is a must, even if it means staying home. Try having a “stay-cation” at home; sleep in, make special meals and ignore the television. Sounds too good to be true I agree. Try this one little tid bit and it may change your whole outlook about your local community. Become a tourist in your own town or village. Discover the sights and activities that typically attract visitors. Listen to your favorite song, or a full afternoon of music. Exercise inside or enjoy the outdoors with a nice little stroll through your neighborhood. Then finally after a long day of discovery, and finding new adventures, to include new hiking and biking trails in your home town, replenish yourself with a nice quiet nap or lie in a hammock listening to natures beautiful life song. Truly there is nothing that compares to the wilderness hike, a peaceful run, or a day trip on your favorite lake or river. It may be possible we are missing some golden nuggets right under our nose? If you are like me and prefer a great adventure, you may be surprised to find that your life song moment is right out our own back door.
life song walking


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