LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be confident – We all fall short of being confident especially in situations when we are challenged. In this 30 day challenge starting with being confident is a life necessity for successful living. Stand tall, believe in yourself, and portray yourself as a leader. The majority of people will follow a confident leader, and as those around you will feed off of your confidence. You will also witness a personal life victory of boldness with your new found confidence. There is always someone out there who will challenge everything you say or do. Stand firm in your beliefs, and the negative person along with their bad vibes will eventually go away. Good body language portrays great confidence, and people will notice your new lifesong almost immediately. Take every negative, and find the positive that is hiding waiting for the confident person to discover. Laughing, smiling, and keeping a calm spirit of humility is where you need to start. Living life in the moment and living each day as if it were your last will bring out a confidence that will shine into eternity. Stand firm be confident, and live life victoriously!
Day one be confident

Day Two – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Beautiful –

Have you ever walked up to a freshly clean car only to find that on the inside there is garbage spewing all over the seats and under them as well? Being beautiful doesn’t require wearing those lacey under garments as one famous retailer portrays beauty to be. The media also dictates that beauty comes only from our outward appearances. There isn’t a place in this world where that thinking should even be considered. Beauty comes from the inside, and from the inside out is the direction this LifeSong moment is heading. Sharing our innermost feelings is one of the hardest challenges to overcome. The adventure starts as our hearts cry out sharing our true honest loving feelings. Being honest from the inside is a necessity for our outer beauty to be revealed, and that emotion is cherished by the recipient. Like a wildfire you will notice those around you will compliment your outward glow, which is the beautiful person you were created to be. It is critical to feel good about who we are on the inside, and continually discover things that we love about ourselves on the outside. Loving ourselves, searching our hearts, and sharing our inner love to everyone we come in contact with will ignite the fire that sparks day two of this 30 day challenge. You are beautiful on the outside when it comes from within. Beauty permeates from the inside displaying its wonder majestically!

Day Three – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Yourself –

We’re going to pull out the big guns today! The biggest shoe company in the world has the slogan “Just do it”. It just seems appropriate on day three of the 30 day challenge, and our slogan should be “Just be you”. Have you ever wondered why you are always trying to impress people that you come in contact with? Fear is the initial culprit; worry comes in second place, followed by a low self esteem. Let’s step back for a minute and analyze why we try to impress everyone who quite simply are just trying to strike up a conversation. The weather and our jobs are typically number one, and number two conversation starters. Have a plan; practice the responses in front of a mirror. While you’re in front of the mirror take a good hard look admiring, and loving what people see when their looking at you. Planning conversation responses will not only enable you to keep a calm spirit during the conversation, but also as the discussion continues to explore deeper interests of both parties. Direct the conversation that covers both your interests as well as the receivers, be proud of who you are, and all of your life victories. Never allow anyone to belittle an accomplishment that you put extreme effort to complete. There are the people you will come across that in everything they do is always better than everyone else. Just let them ramble on as there head swells, and be confident in yourself knowing full well that you will encounter this type of personality. Humbly compliment their accomplishment, and always remember that you will never be able to share your life victories with them. That’s just the way that personality is designed, and typically that is the one attitude that we always want to show we are just as good as them. Sadly enough we come out of our comfort zone and attempt to be someone we are not. Be yourself, you don’t have to impress anyone. Your LifeSong to be yourself is a mind race with yourself battling your thought life, and overcoming negative influences. You are the one you have to go home to everyday. The inward battle begins with your feelings especially after you regret the things you have said in a previous conversation to make yourself out to be bigger than you really are. Being prepared in the battle of life will allow you to be the person you love, and those around you will respect the positive, honest person that they love to have in their midst. Remember verbal conflicts arise daily it is those who believe in themselves, and are prepared that will ultimately come out on top. Whether you are in the presence of a friend, a celebrity, or the CEO of a major corporation, knowing that we all have the same fear of expression will lead you to being a better you, and to be yourself.


Day Four – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be a Dreamer –

Dreaming can take us to places that Walt Disney either created or would have eventually. To be a dreamer takes diligence, and hard work. Dreamers think big! Dreamers have great imaginations, and the dreamers mind quickly creates a plan to fulfill the realities that once were just a thought. Conforming to the worlds thinking of complacency is a mold that needs to be broken. Breaking the mold requires a new mindset, and not allowing even the slightest of negativities into your new thought life. Dream big today! Once the thought becomes an action on your part, get ready for the culmination of your dream to be fulfilled. I started today’s 30 day LifeSong challenge talking about one of the greatest dreamers of all time. Mr. Disney’s first try at business failed to bankruptcy. He kept dreaming and become the greatest cartoon innovator of all time. Walt Disney’s failures never stopped him from dreaming. Life will fight the laws of success, and will attempt to change your successful thinking to the quitter mentality. Dreamers who continue to drive on and laugh at the no’s will ultimately see their visions fulfilled. If you ever have had the opportunity to witness the dreamers dream come to fruition, this is definitely a true LifeSong moment! Be a dreamer dream big, never give up, and watch your fruit blossom into a life changing accomplishment.


Day Five – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Decisive –

Making key life decisions is an art most of us need some help getting better at. Following another person’s thoughts or ideas is not a good life plan. When you blindly follow another person, you are giving in to their ideas, and yours remain by the wayside. Allowing someone else to make your decisions, forfeits your personal power, and weakens your mind strength. By keeping our mind power, our eyes are opened up to a awesome new view of our world. If all the fish in the ocean allowed the shark to make their decisions, it could cost every aquatic creature in its path to become lunch.  Being responsible for what we do and experience is essential for personal growth. We cannot fully experience life in its entire splendor if we allow someone else the decision maker of our personal affairs. That is not living. Live life decisively, and eventually people will follow your great leadership. Do not be weakened by someone else removing your LifeSong challenges. Except each challenge and visualize a victorious outcome. Whether the decisions you make are right or wrong are not important. The fact that a decision was made by you acknowledges your freedom of choice, and you are a person who is willing to take chances to overcome any obstacle that you are confronted with. Be decisive, take chances, and become mentally strong!


Day Six – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Consistent –

When I was in Europe I had a craving for a Big Mac so I decided to visit a McDonalds Restaurant in downtown Munich. Much to my surprise every part of this fast food giant in Germany resembled the McDonalds to the tee back in the states. The only difference that was visible was the ordering board with the menu items, which were displayed in the German language. Now that’s what I call consistent, or copy exact. One of the hardest behaviors to be really good at is consistency. Just when you think you got it figured out life situations pull you in the opposite direction. Being consistent is a daily discipline that requires a good clear mind, and weapons of warfare to extinguish the fiery blows that society will throw at you. Having a schedule is good, but leave room for changes is a new practice I have just acquired. Treat everyone just how you would like to be treated is another daily practice that will eventually get you to consistency. Watch your mood swings if you feel a negative change approaching go to a quite place and release the vibes prior to engaging in a live one on one life situation. Being consistent takes practice; by starting today you are well on your way to a Big Mac attack copy exact Lifesong victory!


Day Seven – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Restful –

 Hopefully today you rested up, and spent time fellowshipping by either calling family and friends, or visiting loved ones. Pick at least one day a week to be your rest day, your body will thank you for it! We deserve a rest every now and then. Resting is a key element for being active in our daily lives. Getting plenty of sleep helps muscles to recover, and function at peak performance. If you drove your car and never fed it with gas of course the tank would eventually dry up and stall the engine. Completing your general maintenance on your car is also another function that must be routinely done. What does a car have to do with this Lifesong 30 day challenge? We are just like our vehicles and giving the engine a rest will increase the life cycle of the engine dramatically. Are bodies and minds labor all week long, we deserve, and long for rest to be fresh, energetic, and at peak performance for another week. Be restful and be thankful for another day on this beautiful planet.


Day Eight – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Invigorated –

How does a massage sound? How about a trip to a very special place? These are two ideas that can invigorate your life, and energize your spirit. At times life may appear really boring to follow the day in and day out old routines of life. Finding a new friend or relationship breathes new vigor, excitement, and you will literally have a spring in your step for the weeks directly after the start of this new LifeSong relationship. Instead of getting up and heading straight to work in the morning, change it up a bit with something different. Head out for a walk listening to the morning sounds, or bake something that you will think about all day long that you will enjoy upon your return home from a strenuous day at the office. Regular exercises are extremely important because it invigorates your body holistically. It freshens up your mind, body and spirit. Live your life for the moment, and enjoy your immediate surroundings. Try to identify a unique characteristic in every person you encounter, and soon your life will become invigorated, interesting, and most of all outgoing. Enjoy daily family time, and watch your children or grandkids grow right before your eyes just like the spring flowers. Be invigorated with the simple things because when the big things appear you will cherish them forever.


Day Nine – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Loved –

Love languages can be spoken in various forms, actions, and moods. Love is sacrifice. Putting another before you is the true act of unconditional LifeSong love. There are a variety of ways to say I love you, and it is received differently by each individual recipient. If we took a survey of 100 people each person would have a different response to their definition of love. Emotional love is different from physical love. A silly love song is different than a heartfelt gut wrenching song. A comical love story is all together different than an impactful tear creating love story. I believe we all can agree that love can be expressed in multiple ways, but the most important message I want to share today in this LifeSong snippet is… Love and be loved in any form, shape, or size. Share with someone today that you love them with an act, a word, or simply a love pat or hug.


Day Ten – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Patient –

Perseverance equals Patience. How long can a person endure the delay for the answer to our waiting, or our impatience to arrive? Being patient is hard work. Being p…atient requires a calm spirit to analyze the moment. Recognizing the status of your current life moment is a key to gauging how to react to the situation. For instance, when you are out for a date and the person you are waiting for doesn’t show up; you wait, and wait hoping they will turn up. Patience however begins to run out as time elapses, and if the other person does not show up. You lose your patience and feelings of anger, resentment and frustration may close in on you. Before the impatient person comes out from the inside of your being, take a deep breath and recognize the positive out of your negative situation. When you feel your heart rate increase, and your face turning flush it is time to turn on the perseverance model. Enduring or persevering is turning the situation to your LifeSong victory. Make a phone call, send a text, or connect with someone who really deserves your time. A no show is a no show, and there is nothing we can do to change that fact. Impatience is normally accompanied by feelings of resentment, anger, and negativity in general. Such feelings trust me; do not produce a desirable outcome. Being patient is a tough mold to form our lives into, yet it is critical. Try to eliminate, or avoid situations that make you impatient. Preplanning a strategy to deal with certain issues that you have experienced in the past, and learning from our prior mistakes of losing our cool will help you overcome, and endure.


Day Eleven – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Free –

Make the choice today to be free. Free from whatever is holding you hostage. It may be a person attempting to make your life miserable, an addiction, or anything that is binding your thought life. Throw it out. Garbage in garbage out. Free your life of captivity. Just let it go! We have a choice to take control, and to be free today which requires a choice to take action. Get with people you can trust to share your thoughts, and deep emotions. Change up your life style, and do something that you have desired to accomplish your whole life. Enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want staying within the boundaries of the law. Be free, and live a fulfilled life sharing your new found freedoms with everyone you meet. You will feel rejuvenated inside, and all it takes is your choice to say I am free! Be free as a bird and soar. http://lifesongbook.comeagle

Day Twelve – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Sensual –

Have you ever wondered why most men cannot say the three magic words? For decades being sensual is not portrayed as a manly feature. Activating the five physical senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste creates lasting relationships not only with your loved ones, but anyone you come in contact with. Of course adding of the sixth sense i.e. playfulness with your spouse can distill a physical emotion which characterizes the happiest couples. Put on a nice piece of music that can accelerate a sensual mood. Romantic whispers also have sensual potential. Even after a long hard day at the office, never underestimate the sensual power of an erotic message. Massage his shoulders when he is tense. Massage her feet to relieve stress and energize nerve endings that you will then discover that playful sensual attitude that will make your relationships feel new again and alive again. Leaving a sensual note can excite him/her when you want to spice up your partner and confirm sensual feelings. Sending text messages increase sensuality by stopping everything we are doing to express our feelings to a loved one. Saying I love you can fuel the fire that will revitalize even the most stagnate of relationships? Are those three words magical? Tell someone you love them, and watch the response. Absolutely Magical!


Day Thirteen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Glowing –

Do you remember how you felt after your last meeting with another person either on the phone or face to face? That person could have been one of your customers, a colleague, a salesperson, a friend or even a member of your family. Did they make you feel good, uplifted and more positive? Did they leave you feeling neutral or, even worse, did they make you feel down and more negative? If a friend feels better and more motivated after spending time in your company, then they’re much more likely to return these feelings to you. Positive glowing people are hard to find these days. So, go ahead; give some positive and motivational comments to other people in your life and you’ll have – a life that’s more productive and more fun – more friends – better relationships and a healthier, happier and longer life. Hand out some warm glows, and watch how the feelings are paid forward.


Day Fourteen– LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Heart Healthy –

Keeping your heart healthy should be at the top of your priority list each and every day. But with our busy modern day lifestyles and hectic agendas, finding the time to work our tickers can sometimes prove difficult. The following exercise suggestions are great ways of working the heart, but be sure to not overdo it – You want to be feeling up for doing exercise the next day too!

  1. Surge walking – The next time you’re out for your daily brisk trot around the block, try incorporating short sharp surges into your route. By doing this, not does your body burn more calories, you’ll be conditioning yourself for walking at a faster pace for comfortably.
  2. Spring clean every week – The effort that we take to give our homes that annuals spring clean each year, should be applied to every house tidy up we do. Go for the energetic clean! Don’t stick to just one floor at a time, make use of your homes stairs. They’re the best calorie burner after all!
  3. The Stairs Game – Although this may not appeal to those with a busy schedule, set yourself the task of climbing a set of stairs every time you see them. It’s a free and easy way of getting an intensive burst of exercises each day
  4. Go Swimming – A great scientific fact to remember – Water is 800 times denser than air. Even moving around in water with your head above the surface is an intensive workout for the body. Try starting with treading water, gradually moving yourself into a set of lengths and routines.
  5. It’s time to Dance – Dancing burns an average of 500 calories per hour, using muscles you don’t normally exercise in the process. Some experts say that patients who regularly dance at a club or with friends have healthier hearts than those who don’t.
  6. Run for the hills! – Walking, jogging or even riding a bike up a hill introduces the great resistance of gravity. Tackle some hills once or twice a week and be sure to lean forwards when walking to engage different types of muscles.
  7. Follow the fittest – When exercising with friends who are fitter or faster than you, you’re forced out of your comfort zone.  This helps you to develop your fitness levels quicker, whilst working out with someone else ensures you actually keep to a regular routine.
  8. The Great Outdoors – When walking on tougher terrains such as grass fields and rugged dirt track, your body works more muscles when compared to walking on pavement. Country walks are often prettier on the eye as well, so why not get out of the city this weekend?
  9. Pre-programmed – If you already utilise electronic exercise equipment at your gym or at home, try to introduce yourself to the programs that have “inclined” routines. This will work your body and improve the strength of your heart.
  10. Time for Sports – Make it your target this year to introduce a new physically active hobby. Casual sports such as tennis, badminton, swimming and even cycling force the heart to work intensively. They’re also a great way to catch up with friends and socialise throughout the working week.


Day Fifteen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Worry Free-
There is one underlying cause for all sorts of worries. It is the fear not to be able to handle the situation. That’s it. Whatever you worry about, ultimately, you are afraid of not being able to handle the consequences. The truth is, however, you will always be able to find a way forward. That way forward may not be the one you had in mind before, but it will be there. Even if you don’t know a way forward now, trust that you will figure it out when it all comes to it. TRUST is a key concept here. Just imagine, you would KNOW that whatever happens, whatever life throws at you, you will manage somehow, you will find some sort of way forward. If you knew that, what would there be left to fear? The answer is: NOTHING. And what if life always gave you exactly what you needed to make progress in your personal development? Then you could relax and let it come – whatever it is. Decide to trust: “Whatever happens, I will handle it” and notice how it makes you feel. Live for each step forward you take, live life in the moment, and be worry free.

little runners

Day sixteen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Optimistic-

How do you live out your life? Who are you? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Which category do you fall into? The typical pessimist believes that when something bad happens, it will last a long time, that the event has undermined everything he’s ever done, that it’s entirely Ills fault. The pessimist imagines the worst, is prone to depression, and generally feels helpless. The optimist believes that a bad event is temporary and surmountable, that it’s a cause of bad luck, surrounding situations, or other people. The optimist is unfazed by defeat and feels the bad event is a challenge to overcome. He or she easily regains energy and above all feels in control. Individuals who are more optimistic are to be more alert, more proud, more enthusiastic, active, and engaged. These individuals are less likely to get depressed. Be optimistic and live free from this world of pessimist media, and your optimism will lead you to LifeSong adventures that only those who live outside the box will ever get a chance to experience.


Day seventeen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Alive –

Far too often we walk through life relatively unconscious – going through the motions habitually without feeling anything like driving a car for instance.
Today, you can increase your sense of aliveness in everything you do and have, even if nothing else (external) were to change. You decide. Pick one area of your life – one experience you have daily and embrace it, focus on it, pay attention to what you are doing, the sensations in your body as you are doing it. Align your mind and body – and notice what happens. Explore this new sense of aliveness in all areas of your life! Feel it, live it, and challenge yourself to the most amazing life ever!


Day Eighteen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Sympathetic

If others are sharing their problems with you, be sympathetic. Don’t jab in with insensitive remarks. Don’t dismiss their feelings and thoughts. Get yourself into the same state as them and express your sympathy, so they know they’re not alone in the situation.


Day Nineteen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be a Teacher

You don’t have to be a formal teacher in name – The very act of sharing knowledge to someone is already teaching in itself. By teaching others, we become better. What are things you’re good in? Share the knowledge with other people. Start by doing it informally, and soon formally teaching others will be second-nature to you.

 Day 19

Day twenty – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Visionary

Set the highest goals and the biggest dreams you can imagine. Then set off and bring your vision to life. Be sure to create your vision board too at the same time.


Day twenty one – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Vigilant

While the world is a safe place by and large, keep a watch out for possible dangers, especially when you’re in a foreign place. Keep a look out for suspicious people. Stay clear of potentially dangerous spots. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Day twenty two – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Unattached

For all things are transient in life. This doesn’t mean you become jaded and an emotionless being. What this means is you relish in every moment of your life, every situation you’re in, every person you’re with, as it is, without clinging on to it when it has passed. For we live in the present, not the past or future.


Day twenty three – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Respectful

Treat everyone with utmost respect, because every living being deserves that.


Day twenty four – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Organized

The state of your life now reflects how organized you are. If everything is constantly in a mess, it suggests you’re probably disorganized in how you manage yourself. In being organized, you create structure, stability and predictability – which frees up your resources to pursue new goals. Creating a lifesong handbook will help to organize your life.

 Day 20

Day twenty five – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Open-Minded

Be ready to accept different beliefs, attitudes, personalities, cultures, practices, rituals, lifestyles, habits, races, nationalities, diets, etc, for everyone is different. No one thing is right; it’s just a matter of what works best for the individual.


Day twenty six – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Prudent

 Be bold and daring, but at the same time exercise caution. A touch of practicality never hurt anyone; it helps you to be more ready for what’s ahead.


Day twenty seven – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Repentant

Has there been anything you did that you’re not too proud of? Repent and process it; don’t leave it inside your system, because it’s like rotting flesh – it’ll create an invisible stench and affect you subconsciously in your daily actions.


Day twenty eight – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Peaceful

Where you have a choice, go for peace over violence. The latter solves nothing, but creates more pain. The former is the start to a healing journey.


Day twenty nine – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Merciful

Instead of punishment, think forgiveness. Forceful actions – Pain, suffering, death, etc don’t bring closure to issues.

 Painted heart

Day thirty – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Magnanimous

For every thing that people do you wrong, be ready to forgive and forget.


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