Hope for Eternity! New You – New Beginnings – New Life… Choose forever with our Savior Jesus! It’s Free and has already been paid for!

Click the video above to listen to a small portion of my presentation sharing with a group of students about when I ran the Leadville Trail 100, and the challenges we face in life. If you would like me to visit your location, and present a life changing message, send me an email at: lifesongbook@gmail.com


Fairbanks Aurora
Alaska The Life Song Adventure Photo

This life song  goes on as usual as I ponder the beauty of this beautiful state. Reading the true story of life song will definitely change your whole being, and give you a totally new perception of the world around you! This photo was taken in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our Creator is infamous in sharing His Glory, and this is another I have cherished in my life song. The majestic beauty of Alaska consumes the heart and soul of all who explore the last frontier. 

Read the most impacting true story that will change the way you live your life forever!
Read the most impacting true story that will change the way you live your life forever!

This amazing story starts out with a young boy at a very young age discovered after the brutal murder of his mother that life really isn’t all that those around him portrayed it to be. At the very young age of twelve, Matt turned to drugs as a release to escape the pain which eventually brought him to the thoughts of suicide and death.

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Amazingly with his life spinning out of control during his teenage years, it was a miracle that changed his path which led Matt down the road TCM 2009 finishto freedom from the chains of his past. Matt has shared his life story around the world through inspirational speaking engagements. Through the years of recovery and running he became anfa-matt ultra marathon runner, and has completed multiple marathons, and ultra marathons. His passion for writing, and speaking has been his life long dream to share his dramatic life story ever since he was freed from the bonds that confined his spirit from the truth. Living in Minnesota the majority of his life, his ultra marathon running has taken him to trails all around the world. Enjoy this new classic Life Song!

 Matt’s every day goal is to challenge and help others too reach their fullest potential in life, whether in personal Lifesong_Photo[1]relationships, a closer walk with God, fitness & health, career, or one’s inner-self. Matt’s unrelenting message of improving the quality of one’s life truly resonates; leaving a real and lasting change with audiences who have experienced his dynamic presence.


lifesongbook@live.com Motivational Speaking
Motivational Speaking

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Life Quotes to live by:

Lighten up your life load, and live!

Live life abundantly even if it hurts.

Spread your joy like peanut butter, and jelly! Live each day to its fullest as though it were your last! Help out your fellow man as best you can. Click Here: 30 Day Challenge

Lifesong encouragement The lifesong story started out as a FaceBook notes project, and eventually everyone was asking me to share my life story. Writing, and speaking have always been a passion which eventually revolutionized the beginning stages of the book lifesong. Throughout my life I have accepted many challenges and this was the inspiration I needed to complete Life Song this year. I have been receiving rave reviews from the multitude of readers that have already finished reading this life changing book! If you would like me to visit, and speak to generate a motivating life changing experience to all who hear my presentation. Send me an email at: lifesongbook@gmail.com Many thanks to everyone for inspiring me to motivate you with my life story! Order your copy of Life Song today!

Click video above for a recent interview talking about lifesong book release http://runrunlive.com For more inspiring interviews and motivational podcasts.


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